Crypto Lists Change Log


Added "Expand All" and "Collapse All" options.


Allow full cloud based backup of un-encrypted data. This allows users to re-register and get their existing data and billing records after their device was wiped clean and their credentials lost (even without a Palm restore). See the FAQ list for details.


Allow DB restore to a second device under the same account.


Added support for landscape orientation.

Made to run as a full screen app on the touchpad.

Fixed a bug in the "Break Line" tool. Break Line tool now behaves as described in the help text when there is text selected.

Fixed a problem with the German local in WebOS 2.x


Fixed a problem turning off decryption due to a SHA256 hash used to crunch the passphrase. Previously users were not able to turn encryption off. This now works as expected.


New support for large lists of 1000 items or more. Previously, lists over approximately 200 items (on an original Pre) would run into the WebOS 10 second processing timer and would be automatically canceled. With this change, opening large lists will pop-up a "scrim" with a spinner and progress bar to indicate the time to load. Lists of approximately 80 items or more (on an original Pre) will see the delay scrim. Also, when re-ordering an item with 80 or more sub-items you will see the delay scrim. The application will calibrate the processing time to decide if the delay scrim should be shown. Phones with faster processors may take more than 80 items to show the scrim.

Lists with 1000 items have been tested. The device may become slow or sluggish with a large list due to the amount of memory used. Users will especially note a long pause after closing a large list due to the WebOS memory garbage collector (memory reclaimer) running. A list of 1000 items takes approximately 90 seconds to load on an original Palm Pre.


New feature to make it easier to follow the indentation as you scroll through lists. Changed the collapse/expand buttons so they follow the text indentation.


Fixed a formating issue with the "Edit Title" dialog. Titles with certain characters (such as &) would show up as HTML escapes (e.g. &).